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Posted November 12th, 2010 by Paul Ayres

Here is a round-up of news items about information literacy, e-learning and the Virtual Training Suite as picked out by @VTStutorials on Twitter.

  1. RT @MakeUseOf Create Your Own Personal Learning Environment Using SymbalooEDU
  2. RT: @HEAcademy: We’ve launched a major new guidance report on student plagiarism today. Read the full report here.
  3. Why do students use Wikipedia? In their own words … from Project Information Literacy
  4. RT @resourceshelf Universities May be Failing to Sufficiently Teach Basic Research Skills
  5. When did search become research?
  6. Reading: Digital Na(t)ives? Variation in Internet Skills and Uses among Members of the “Net Generation”
  7. RT @universityboy How to read around a subject:
  8. RT @mashable Twitter Increases Student Engagement
  9. Students expectations of technology
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