10 years of blogs?

Posted December 18th, 2007 by Paul Ayres

It may well come as a surprise to some, but blogs or at least the word weblog, has been around for 10 years. Since then the world of blogging has expanded hugely with at least 70 million blogs in existence, over 120,000 new blogs created every day and 17 new blog posts published every second.

The Guardian is fairly sure blogs have been round for more than a decade and they present a brief timeline of blogging, picking out some of the key ways in which blogs have invaded our consciousness in the last decade. While Wikipedia seems to suggest that the evolution of blog-like online services, stretches even further back.

Blogs continue to spark debate, with the Wall Street Journal presenting a range of views that is largely positive and highlights the role blogging has played in giving dissidents a voice in countries like Iran and China, changed the dynamics of political debate and challenged the worlds of business and journalism.

But what is the place of blogging in academia? Does the world of peer review and Research Assessment Exercises, sit comfortably with the realm of quick and easy web publishing, where everyone can have an opinion? Is blogging more appropriate for some academic disciplines than others? Are Blogs are the sort of resources that should be featured in the Virtual Training Suite?

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